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Bachelorette Party.

//Bachelorette Party
Top By Belo

Bachelorette party.

Free cover top by belo

2 hours of yacht (1 hour 30 min to go and 30 min back).

Corona Extra Beers

10 unids

During the yacht.

Corona Light Beer

10 unids

During the yacht.

Water bottles Santa María

10 unids

During the yacht.

Selectable Bottles

2 unids

(Belvedere, white Bacardi, Black Label, Double Diamond) in Top by Beló.

Bottle Möet brut

1 unid.

reaching Top by Beló.

Pick-up at 12pm, you’ll have on board 20 beers and 10 bottles of water to get into the ambeyoncé. The trip will last 1 hour and a half, when you arrive at Top by Beló you will have a reserved place with two bottles to choose and 1 bottle of Moet Brut 750 ml, where you will pass the whole afternoon in the background (if you finish the bottles and want to ask for more, it has additional cost), at 7 pm you will return to the starting point with a ride of 30 min approximately.

Free cover at Top by Beló.

$23,000 MXN service (8-10 PAX) Aditional pax $1,000 MXN.