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Isla Mujeres Activities.

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Isla Mujeres Activities

Isla Mujeres Activities

Isla Mujeres might seem to be a small island, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be lots of things to do! If you are planning to visit this incredible place and are wondering what to do, here we will give you some Isla Mujeres Activities.

Isla Mujeres Activities

Top 5 Isla Mujeres Activities

Even though Isla Mujeres is not as big as other islands, it is still full of amazing things to do and this is one of the reasons tourists love to come here, you can’t ever get bored!

1.- Go see the sunset to the sculptural park on Punta Sur

On the south part of the island, known as Punta Sur by locals, there is a cliff that has become a sculptural park, which also has the ruins of a small temple to the Mayan goddess of fertility: Ixchel.

Sculptural Park in Isla Mujeres

2.-Discover the island on a Golf Cart or a bicycle

One of the great advantages of Isla Mujeres being a small island is that you can travel it on a golf cart or in a bicycle, which is super funny and super easy to do. Also, downtown you will see that there are several rental options.

Isla Mujeres on bicycle

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3.-Live Isla Mujeres nightlife at TOP by Belo

Spend a great evening with your friends at the best rooftop club in the whole island, yes, we are talking about TOP by Belo, located on top of the Belo Hotel, close to Punta Sur, you will love it!

Top by Belo Isla Mujeres

4.-Dive close to the coral reef

Between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, you will find a part of the second largest coral reef of the world, and what is even more awesome is that you can dive or snorkel in there so you can observe the colorful sea life.

Isla Mujeres Coral Reef

5.- Relax under the sun in North Beach

On the north tip of the island, you will find the most beautiful beach of all the Riviera Maya; North Beach or Playa Norte. This is thanks to its white and soft sand and its crystal-clear waters that simulates a pool.

North Beach in Isla Mujeres

An these were only a little few Isla Mujeres activities, there are still tons of other things to do and lots of things to discover, what are you waiting for planning your next vacation trip to Isla Mujeres? Don’t forget to end your day at the best daylight club on the island; Top by Beló.