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Isla Mujeres Nightlife.

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isla mujeres nightlife

Isla Mujeres Nightlife

Once the sun goes down, Isla Mujeres welcomes its nightlife, for bars and nightclubs start to open so locals and tourists can go have a good drink and a good time. In this article, we’ll tell you about Isla Mujeres Nightlife so keep reading!


isla mujeres nightlife

A piece of Isla Mujeres Nightlife

The nightlife of the island is not as diverse as it is in Cancun, still, it is similar in intensity and enjoyment. It is known that the main street where everybody uses to gather is Hidalgo’s Avenue for there are many places to spend a good time, still, it’s not the only place! Here we’ll tell you about some places…

Top by Belo

This a club located on the top of Belo Hotel; it’s one of the most luxurious clubs from the island for having great amenities, delicious snacks, and drinks and also for having gorgeous lady dancers. Here you’ll find that it’s the perfect place for knowing new people and having a great time.


top by belo

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Tiny’s Bar

As its name says, it’s a little bar located downtown Isla Mujeres, on Francisco I. Madero avenue, and it has become famous for serving tequila shots with edible scorpions! So if you feel adventurous and brave this is your place, also they serve other kinds of delicious drinks and beers.

tinys bar

Ice Bar

This is an awesome bar made completely out of ice! It looks crazy for being on an island where the sun is always heating everywhere but still, it’s possible and it has become a unique experience, for every single thing you’ll find inside is literally made out of ice. Also, it’s really easy to get there.

ice bar isla mujeres

Koko Nuts Bar

This is one of the most visited bars downtown the island, it’s located on Hidalgo’s avenue, it’s one of the few places where you can find food until 4 am! Also, the have DJ music and a very fun atmosphere, dance shows and great drinks.

koko nuts isla mujeres


Now there’s no excuse for staying all night locked up and bored in your bedroom, now we have told you just a little about Isla Mujeres Nightlife, you still have a lot to discover!