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Isla Mujeres Shopping.

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Isla Mujeres Shopping

Isla Mujeres Shopping

Isla Mujeres is a very unique island, it is nothing compared to Cancun or Playa del Carmen and one fo the reasons is that the way people go shopping is different here, so if you are the kind of tourist that loves to buy different kinds of things keep reading! Today we are talking about Isla Mujeres Shopping.

Isla Mujeres Shopping

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What you need to know about Isla Mujeres Shopping.

As we said before, shopping on Isla Mujeres is nothing like going to the Hotel Zone in Cancun where you go into a big and fancy shopping mall to find famous and internationally known Fashion Brands. Actually, on this island people have been trying to keep local commerce, so you won’t see anything but local shops.

Where to go shopping.

As you can imagine, the best place on the island to go buy some stuff is downtown, right on the main avenue which is Rueda Medina. This is the first avenue you see when you get out of the Ultramar Ferry Port; a large and colorful boulevard full of different kinds of shops, restaurants, and much more. Even though it looks large, you can walk the whole avenue so you won’t miss any of the colorful things you can buy.

Where to go shopping in Isla Mujeres

What kind of things will I find in this avenue?

People are always trying to keep commerce locally, as we said before, still, you can find people from all over the country selling typical things from their state. There are sellers from places like Yucatan who sell things like honey, painted pots, bags, also from Chiapas who sell mostly embroidered souvenirs and also from Guerrero who sell beautiful silver jewelry. Also, you will find lots of kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs like typical Mexican clothing, paints, Mexican tobacco, alebrijes, and much more.

Handricrafts from Isla Mujeres

Noe that you know how Isla Mujeres shopping is, we can tell that you can not wait to come visit this incredible island. Remember that if you want to have a great time and lots of fun you have to visit TOP by Belo, the best daylight club of Isla Mujeres.